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How we can increase your productivity and save you money

Our client, a leading aerospace component manufacturer was using separate processes to drill a large number of pilot holes through a manufactured component, then follow through with a reaming tool to produce an exact hole size.

After consultation we designed and produced in house, a combined drill reamer (dreamer) which allowed them to drill and ream the holes in one operation

This resulted in a significant saving in production time and therefore manufacturing costs for our customer.

Form Tool Supply and Manufacture

Need a one off tool for a specific job? Unable to buy a cutter to your precise specifications?

Form ToolsWith a fully equiped tool grinding shop we are able to make or modify cutting tools to your specification. Our in house design service allows us to create that special tool in HSS or carbide.

Whether it is simply adding a radius to a standard tool or a complete set of cutting tools to your specification, we are able to source the correct materials and produce tooling designed for your specific application.

We supply bespoke tooling to the aerospace, engineering and manufacturing industries and our highly skilled staff have many years of experience providing custom made cutting tools to our clients specifications.

For all your specialist tooling needs BJ Associates can advise you on the best tool for the job and produce it at a competitive cost.

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